Avoid These Photography Mistakes

Common-MistakeMistakes are usually an inevitable phase of learning. For many photographers, overcoming mistakes and ensuring high quality work is important. The following is a compilation of the 10 common photography mistakes and tips to help you resolve them. Correcting these mistakes will significantly enhance your photography skills.

1. Buying lots of photography gear simultaneously

This mistake of acquiring lots of new photography gear at once affects both seasoned photographers and beginners alike. However, new photographers generally think that buying the most new gear is going to make them the best photographers. Buying a new lens, flash or camera won’t make you better at this craft. Actually, the best photographers can easily capture great photos with just about any camera. What is more important is the creativity, technical knowledge and a keen eye for lighting that will transform you to a much better photographer. Obviously, this does not mean you should never buy new gear. Different gear is actually helpful in providing better resolution and more flexibility. Just remember to enhance your skills as the photographer using the gear.

2. Distorted horizon

You are in position capturing a breathtaking sunset with your latest camera. However, in

All About Camera Aperture

The first step in understanding camera aperture is to get a clear picture in your mind as to what it actually is. If you think of a human eye your cameras aperture can be likened to the pupil which opens and closes to allow differential amounts of light through the eye to the light sensitive retina behind it.

Put quite simply your camera aperture is the opening in your camera’s lens that allows differential amounts of light through the lens to the cameras light sensitive sensor behind it. Together with the ISO value and shutter speed of your camera it controls the light exposure used to create your photograph.

The size of your camera aperture is controlled by settings called f/stops. An f/stop can also be likened to the human eye as the iris which controls the size of the eye’s pupil. Similarly the smaller the f/stop value (iris) the larger the camera aperture (pupil) and the more light that passes through the lens to the cameras sensor. The larger the f/stop value the smaller the aperture and the less light passes through..

Digital cameras will

Tips for Beach Weddings Photography

If beaches are what you desire, there are few places on earth which are as attractive as Australia. We have always related to Australia through its white sandy beaches, crystal clear oceans and reefs. So, there is a lot of fascination with beaches in Australia be it for weddings, birthday parties or any other event. What’s more, having a ceremony arranged at the beach gives an opportunity to click some amazing pictures. Yes, they are just as significant in these ceremonies as the dress which the bride and groom are wearing.

Always look out for focal points: Many amateur photographers make the grave mistake of assuming that all beach photographs are the same. The problem with most of the pictures of these genres is that they all look the same and boring because the photographers have not set any focal point in them. If there is no point of interest in your images, people will look aimlessly at them. It can be anything from waves crashing on a rock to a set of footprints to just a simple pattern in the sand. Sometimes these small details can

Time is not to be taken

Tips For Professional Photography

No matter if nature is your love or you like capturing the simplest and most trivial things of everyday life, the way you take pictures adds to the beauty and makes the moments eternal. You could only make a good moment a cherished memory when you know the right ways of capturing the moment.

Everyone can click the button and capture a shot; however, capturing the essence of the moment is not something, which everyone can do. The importance of knowing the right way of capturing a moment is imperative whether you have a simple camera or you have the quality video camera has to offer to its tourists. The lines below give simple tips on how you can take photos like a professional photographer.

Don’t Rely on The Display:

Another habitual thing with all the amateur photographer is that they see the display of the shot on the camera’s LCD as soon as they take a picture and base their ranking of shot on that, however, the LCD should not be relied upon, especially when you are shooting outdoors. When you are outdoors, there is too much light and the LCD might not display the shot with its full essence. Therefore,

Photography From Hobby Into Profession

No matter which part of the world people reside in, photography has always been a favourite hobby of most individuals. What matters now most is that this hobby has culminated into being a great profession and many people are earning their livelihood by pursuing it. Clicking a stunningly amazing picture is an alternate ball game in itself. It requires incomparable abilities and information to deliver a heavenly caught picture. It’s insufficient to simply purchase a decent camera to take great pictures; you have to thoroughly understand the diverse aspects of photography.

Do you ever ponder what goes into the making of an outwardly amazing photograph? What makes a few photographs look striking amongst other photographs? What’s more, most importantly, how do you make take sorts of photographs?

Well, there are so many questions that can arise in one’s mind but like any other art form answers are very few. Mastering an art takes years but if you are truly passionate about it, you can achieve your desired skill level quite easily.

Now and again while appreciating a photo, there may have come numerous minutes when we simply begrudge the abilities of the picture taker. How frequently have you recently remained before lovely

Photography Ideas for Newborn Babies

1. Baskets and boxes

Babies love having fun. They love play. Two things both of us would agree on is that babies love playing with baskets and boxes. Its soo cute when a baby is playing with the baskets and boxes, my advice to you is CAPTURE those moments.

Tip: Always keep in mind that safety comes first.

2. Wooden letters

Decorative wooden letters are awesome props that can be used during newborn photography. Not only do the wooden letters props look cute but they also symbolise knowledge. Just capture the moments as the newborn babies try to play to support themselves with the wooden letters. Soo cute. A moment you should capture.

Tip: You can also try using plastic letters. They can easily be found and can be of different colours

3. Fun painted furniture

This is pretty obvious though. Fun painted furniture not only increase the colour in the picture but also induces a smile on the baby. Such kind of furniture is also an awesome prop when it comes to other types of photography

Tip: Always try to be as close as possible to the child to prevent him/her from harm

4. Stuffed animals

Discover a world of adorable stuffed animals. These are actually the simplest

Common Mistakes Couples When Hire Wedding Photographer

There are lots of tasks that need to be done when preparing for an event most especially special ones like weddings. Of course, couples need to address all these tasks to ensure that their wedding will be successful and memorable.

Therefore, it is important to hire experts who can help you. For one, you need to hire caterers who will prepare, cook and serve meals and drinks to your guests. Next, you need to rent a venue for your wedding party to make it more appealing. It is also essential that you also hire a wedding photographer who will capture every moment of your wedding.

There are plenty of professional photographers you can hire. However, there are instances when couples make mistakes while working with these experts. In order to avoid these mistakes, reputable wedding photographers cite the most common mistake couples make.

Quantity over quality

One of the most common mistake couples make when working with photographers is opting for quantity over quality. Of course, having numerous photos in your wedding can surly provide you with memories. But, not all photos are captured properly due to certain issues like lack of illumination. Therefore, it is important for couples to opt for quality to

The Best Time For Hire A Professional Photographer

Want your pictures to be the best possible? Your first inclination might be to just do it yourself. But in some cases a professional photographer can just do a better job for you. Some situations just call for a bit of extra money to be spent on a camera pro. Why, and is it worth it? In this article we will explore the times when using a professional is your best bet. Some of these reasons may seem like a given, others might be new to you.

For Great Family Portraits

Family portraits can be seriously difficult to take. Especially if you are the photographer. Timers can be a pain to figure out. Plus you have to get the backdrop or setting right. The weather should be good, and outfits have to be coordinated. You even have to do the editing yourself. But a professional photographer can help you with all these things. They can suggest backdrops or settings. Some can even give you an idea of a color scheme to wear. The editing side of things for a company should be no issue. So let them handle it. The final product will always be great.

At Sporting Events

Sporting events are terribly

Top Wedding Photography Destinations

A wedding calls for perfection from head start to the first dance and further. Selecting the appropriate wedding location is one of the top priorities as everything else revolves around the wedding theme including the wedding photography. You can decide on the wedding theme based on the nature of the location. You can select the wedding dress based upon the wedding theme. So everything is interconnected to each other. You have to plan way ahead, at least four months in advance to check the availability of your dream wedding location, lest you’ll have the time to prep everything else. A few exciting and remarkable wedding locations are listed here to help you get an idea of which could be the one place that you require to enter into a new beginning.


Nothing could be dearer to your heart like a traditional church wedding. Accompanied by the cute flower girls, walking down the aisle in your gorgeous gown and to face the altar to exchange solemn vows is such a blessing. This is truly a heavenly experience synonymous to the term ‘Holy Matrimony’.

A Hotel:

It is a great way to have a lavish wedding. You have separate places for everything, including the

How To Keep Family Memories

If you are thinking about getting a family portrait done or perhaps you know someone else who wants their family photographed and not sure of the time frame or budget involved for this type of shoot, they should probably just start off by calling a professional Family Photography Studio and discussing the many plans and options that they have available.

In the end, whether you choose a Family Package, Newborn Photography Package or Children’s Photography Package, you will usually end up with more than they bargained for with excellent family treasures for years to come.

What are some of the key components in family photography?

1. Communication

Communication for sure is the key component in family photography.

From the first time a potential client contacts you via Facebook, email or phone, we make sure that we stay focused and respond to any and all inquiries and messages that come across our desk.

Always keep your clients informed of any scheduling changes, price changes, or location changes especially when shooting outdoors.

Always communicate through many methods but it is usually the client’s communication method of choice that you should go with, mostly because if you know what works for them, and then there is less of a

How To Shoot Perfectly on Wedding

Many people feel that creating the best wedding photography is entirely on the professional photographer. While they do have a hand in it, you too, can help to make your wedding pictures perfect. In this article we will be giving you a few tips to make your wedding photography shoot the best. We have broken this down into a few simple lists of dos and don’ts. We will also offer you a few final tips to improve your photography experience. Just follow this guide and your wedding pictures will be great.

Do’s – Here are some things that you should do to make your wedding photography the best:
• Opt for a professional photographer with wedding experience;
• Scope out the places where you want to take your photos before the wedding;
• Tell the photographer your expectations for your pictures. Let them know what you wish to look like in pictures, and what pictures/types of pictures you would like;
• Follow the schedule set-up by your photographer as closely as possible;
• Be sure to let your photographer know each of the events that you want covered on the day of your wedding.

Don’ts – For the best wedding photography,

How To Take Great Water Photos

There are many water forms that you can use to make great photos. Some of these forms include: breaking waves and cascading waterfalls. For you to create take awesome water photos you need to put a number of tips into consideration. These tips include:

Freeze Water

There is no way you will take great photos if you don’t freeze the water. One of the most effective ways of doing this is using a very fast shutter speed. This calls for you to set your camera to its fastest shutter speed.

Be Cautious When Shooting Large Waves

Waves are great when you shoot them properly. You should note that the larger the wave, the more dramatic it is. To take excellent photos you should use a lens with a long focal length. You should also remember to keep your distance when taking the photos.

Use Reflection To Your Advantages

Water has a great reflective quality; therefore, you should take advantage of it. For ideal results you should shoot in more than one direction while paying a lot of attention to the position of the sun.

To add interest to your photos you should try shooting early in the morning or late in the day. The cool thing

Tips For Baby Photoshoot

One of the most challenging tasks for most photographers is taking baby pictures. Although some say that babies are naturally charming, it can be really hard to capture good photos of them. It may take time and a great amount of patience from both the photographer and the parents just to make sure that the results are worth it.

If you are planning for a baby photoshoot, you need to know some factors that can greatly affect the results. You need to know some things that you can use as your guide in order to be successful in getting the best photos of your baby that you can surely cherish for the rest of your life. Below are some tips that expert baby photographers share.

– Make sure that your baby is in good mood. If you want a picture of him or her smiling and enjoying his/her day, make sure that your baby has enough sleep so he/she can be playful in the photo session. If you want a picture of him/her sleeping comfortably, on the other hand, make sure that he/she is not hungry before sleeping and he/she does not feel so cold or so hot.

– Bring your baby’s favourite

The Reason You Should Have 50 Mm Lens

The 50 mm lens or the Nifty fifty is one of the most popular camera lenses in the market. The lens is preferred by many photographers due to its many benefits:

Ideal For Low Photography

The 50 mm lens is a prime lens thus it takes professional-quality photos. It has a wide aperture of f1.8 which allows more light to enter through the lens opening. The large aperture gives you the freedom of using faster shutter speed in order to avoid camera shake.

You can also use slower shutter speed and lock out noises you get from higher shutter speeds. If you are experienced, you can use both the faster and slower speeds.

Light Weight

Depending on the brand, a 50 mm lens weighs between 4.3 oz to 6 oz. This means that there’s no reason why you should leave the lens at home. If you are not in the mood of carrying a whole bag of stuff around, you only need to take your camera and the lens and you will be good to go.


Lenses from the most popular brands go at a price range of $100-200. This price is too low compared to the quality of images taken. According to expert photographers,

How to Improve the Quality of Your Photos

Are you satisfied with the photos you take and place, or would you like to know how to take better photos, and place them more effectively in your photo book? I like my photos to be more than just “pretty pictures.” I like them to speak, to say something significant about the subject. The message can be enhanced or missed because of a range of aesthetic elements. For instance, some objects go well together, adding to their completeness and aesthetics, and some don’t. The juxtaposition of objects in a photo and photos on a page can produce effective synergy, but the wrong combination can spoil the effectiveness of each individual photo. I have put together the following tips that address some of these elements, in the hope that they will help you to improve the quality of your photos and their placement.

First of all your photo will say something about the subject, but what is it you want to say or show in your photo? Archaeological photography for instance should include some tools, or part of the site, so that when someone looks at the photo they immediately think, “archaeology.” Care needs to be taken not to lose your

Tips for Beginners Photographer

From birth till death, every individual passes through certain phrases in their lives from adolescence to parenthood. But few can argue that there are certain events which they hold close to their hearts throughout their lives. No doubt, your wedding will be one of the most memorable days in your lives. So naturally, you will require a lot of planning and preparation to make that day special. One vital cog in these preparations will be to arrange a photographer who is capable of capturing your marriage ceremony aesthetically.

Pictures are the only thing that will remind you of your special day

After all, a few years down the line, only pictures will serve as a tangible memory of your marriage when everything else drifts away. A wedding comes once in everyone’s life (well, in most cases) which is why getting a portrait done is one of the most fascinating things you can do.

To get the most out of your photographer, you yourself have to keep a few things in mind like:

  1. Pre-determine the style, theme and shots: Imagine the hassle and chaos you’ll face on the wedding day if you don’t decide what kind of portraits you want from beforehand. Decide what

Family Photo Shoots Tips

We all have seen photographers making necessary arrangements to photograph couples on their weddings or for pre-wedding photo shoots. It is something common, and most photographers excel in this field as it is lucrative. With the right training, experience and equipment, they can accomplish great projects and ensure the fact that their clients are satisfied with the work that they do. Similarly, some photographers excel in photographing individuals or families and thus bringing out the real emotions in the photographs that they click.

Families often engage in a family photo shoot where the photographers often pick themes for them and make the shoot a story that can be conveyed through the photographs. The photographs convey the real emotions and the bond that the family shares and it takes a lot of effort on the photographer’s part to capture the emotions of each one of them at the same time and the frame. If you are a photographer who often conduct photo shoots for families or intend to start off with this genre, you could utilise the following basics to ensure that you perform the perfect shoot.

• Get close to each family member – As they have hired you to capture their

Review Nikon D5300 DSLR Camera

In this Nikon D5300 DSLR camera review we look into this successful device that gives its users excellent imagine specifications in addition to quality at an affordable price for those looking to upgrade their entry level camera. There have been many improvements since the last model giving users additional features to improve their shots. Can the D5300 measure up to its predecessor? We think so.

Features of the Nikon D5300 DSLR Camera

Throughout this Nikon D5300 DSLR we have noticed that many of the features it has have been carried over from its predecessor. One example of this is the 39 point AF system. This is a great feature that keen photographers are happy to see is still present. The 9 cross type AF points alongside 3D focus tracking is great for those looking to take single shots of moving people, animals and objects without blurring.

The camera features a photographing rate of 5 frames per second and uses the 1016 pixel set up to give excellent exposure in many conditions combined with the well-known scene recognition system.

New to the D5300 us the build in receiver for Wi-Fi which allows you to send the images straight to a recipient device such as

How To Photographing Babies and Infants

Photography is an art in itself where the photographer’s eye for detail on a certain subject is affluent. A photographer who makes use of all the aspects around him that includes the subject, background, light, etc. and then brings out the emotions to his photographs. A good picture should be able to hold a story in itself and should be able to bring out the emotions of the subject in the best way possible.

There are various types of photography that a photographer involves himself in and amongst all of it, the toughest is photographing an infant. They do not have the sense of being conscious while being photographed and, therefore, one has to be a pro while capturing their faces and their activities. If you intend to be a photographer for babies, you could follow these tips to get the best results out of it.

• Stay alert – Babies have changing moods, and there can be any random moment where they would give their best expressions for you to capture. Therefore, it is essential for you to always stay alert and ready with your camera to get the best out of the little one.

• Stay at their level

Tips Before Hiring a Wedding Photographer

Always envisioned getting hitched to the one you adore on wonderful white sands while you can hear the waves tenderly lapping behind you? The idea of an island wedding is a famous one, and in case you’re recently engaged with then, it is certain to be something you’ve discussed, however, numerous individuals have this false assumption that arranging this kind of ceremony on an island can blow their savings completely. If you do get hitched on an island, you will cherish the moment for years to come. What’s more, your wedding pictures will come out great with the backdrop of never-ending ocean and stunning beaches.

Arranging events on an island is not that difficult

Contrary to popular beliefs, it’s not that farfetched to get hitched on an island. There are several planners and organisers whom you can hire in order to get everything organized. You just have to pay up and everything will be taken care of.

Finding the right photographer is crucial

Okay, you have zeroed in on your wedding day and booked an island for the day but have you considered hiring a professional who is capable of capturing all this effort in the most aesthetic manner?

If you do take the